Rancho San Joaquin Friends of Scouting Campaign

Thank you to all those who have supported and contributed to the RSJ FOS Campaign!!!! RSJ NEEDS YOUR HELP!!! Last year, only 14% of Scout families made a gift to support the Orange County Council. In 2017, of the 722 Eagle Scouts awarded, 60% of the families never made a Friends of Scouting contribution during their entire Scout’s tenure. Contrary to popular belief, the operation of the council is not free for our members. Someone is paying for these services. The council has worked hard over the years to keep activity costs low, but times are changing, and business expenses are rising at an alarmingly fast rate. Those receiving the benefits of Scouting must share in covering the local costs of Scouting.

Upcoming Events!!!!

Orange County Council

Annual Appreciation Dinner

Date: Saturday, January 25, 2020

Great Wolf Lodge

12681 Harbor Blvd

Garden Grove, CA 92840


Nominations are due December 1, 2019

Nomination form can be found at the following link

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2018 District Dinner Award Recipients

2018 District Award of Merit

Christopher Hane

Oddsverre "Jody" Johannessen


2018 Scoutmaster of the Year

Jason Perkins,Troop 695


2018 Troop Committee Member of the Year

Mike Bergler, Troop 691


2018 Cubmaster of the Year

Demian Hernandez, Pack 653


2018 Den Leader of the Year

Antonia Cheek, Pack 654


2018 Commissioner of the Year

Genevieve Pelissie


2017 Silver Beaver Recipients

Wesley Thoroughman


The land known as Irvine has been inhabited for over 2,000 years. The Gabrielino Native Americans were one of the first to set up villages in the San Joaquin Valley. In 1837 the San Juan Capistrano mission granted Don Jose Sepulveda this area, later to be named Rancho San Joaquin. 30 years later, Rancho San Joaquin was sold to the Flint, Bixby & Co., of which James Irvine was a silent partner.

We have selected Rancho San Joaquin as the new name of our district. The Rancho San Joaquin District will serve the youth and volunteers of the Boy Scouts of America for the City of Irvine.