Rancho San Joaquin Friends of Scouting Campaign

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The Scouting program has been alive and active for 110 years. Orange County Council has survived 100 years. Scouting has experienced World Wars, epidemics and is currently facing a pandemic. While the Coronavirus has many people staying at home and has affected several of our Scouting families, the values of Scouting remain strong. Throughout these tough times, scouter are stepping up and giving back to their community and helping others through these tough times. If you are able, please help keep the Scouting Program in Orange County strong.

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Rancho San Joaquin is looking for your stories. During these difficult times Scouts and Scouters are supporting their communities, neighborhoods, families and friends. Service to others and doing a good turn daily remains strong in our scouting families and we want to hear your story. If you have a Scout who is delivering food to those who cannot leave their house, coloring affirmations on sidewalks and trails, sewing masks or picking up trash from their local park, we want to know. We would like to spolight them on our social media pages. Please email your story and images to rsjwebmaster@gmail.com.



2019 Award Recipients

2019 District Award of Merit

Joseph Sloate

Genevieve Pelissie

Heidi Bramlet


2019 Silver Beaver

Thomas Doherty

The land known as Irvine has been inhabited for over 2,000 years. The Gabrielino Native Americans were one of the first to set up villages in the San Joaquin Valley. In 1837 the San Juan Capistrano mission granted Don Jose Sepulveda this area, later to be named Rancho San Joaquin. 30 years later, Rancho San Joaquin was sold to the Flint, Bixby & Co., of which James Irvine was a silent partner.

We have selected Rancho San Joaquin as the new name of our district. The Rancho San Joaquin District will serve the youth and volunteers of the Boy Scouts of America for the City of Irvine.