Chartered Partners

Chartered Partner Organizations


The strength of the Boy Scouts of American is dependent on the organizations they partner with.  The BSA has recommend that all Units (Packs, Troops, Teams, and Crews) partner with a Brick and Mortar organization which has the same values as Scouting to help assure that the Unit is available for future generations.

Civic, Faith-Based, and Educational Organizations operate Scouting Units to deliver the programs to their youth members, as well as the community at large.  Approximately 120,000 Scouting Units are owned and operated by Chartered Organizations.  Of these Units:

66.9% are Faith-Based Organizations

24.4% are Civic Organizations

8.7% are Educational Organizations


 Strengthening Organizations Through Scouting


Partnering with organizations provide a symbiotic relationship in which the Scouting Units helps the organization and the Organization helps the Scouting Unit.  For more information on how to strengthen this relationships click here or on the image to download the guide.



Unit Performance Guide


The Unit Performance Guide has replaced the old New-Unit Retention Guide.  This is a guide to creating and sustaining high-performing Units.  It provides extensive new Unit resources covering topics like; Knowing Your Market, Building Your Team, Making the Call and High-Performing Units. Click on the image or HERE to download a copy.


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