Adult Recognition


Rancho San Joaquin's


Annual Adult Recognition



Chosen by the Pack, Troop, and Crew Committees:

Extra Miler Award

This is an award decided by the unit (Pack, Troop, Crew) committee.  Ask your pack/troop/crew committee to choose those you feel should be recognized.  A unit can nominate one Extra Miler for each 25 registered youth in the unit.  Your unit committee can award this recognition only once to any one person, and the nominee must be a registered adult leader.

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Nominated by unit committees and adult leaders; selected by the Advancement Committee of Rancho San Joaquin District:

District Award of Merit

This is the highest nationally-established award that can be given by a District.  Rancho San Joaquin may honor only three adult leaders for service in 2017.  Nominate a deserving person by answering the five questions on the nomination form. 

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Leader of the Year

Each year Rancho San Joaquin recognizes several registered adult leaders as exemplary examples in their respective positions.  The selection process is similar to that used for District Award of Merit.  For 2017 service, Rancho San Joaquin will recognize as many as one Den Leader, one Pack Committee Member, one Cubmaster/Assistant Cubmaster, one Troop Committee Member, and one Scoutmaster/Assistant Scoutmaster.

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Valid dates: 
Friday, January 1, 2021 to Saturday, March 30, 2024