It is important to inform your Unit familes of the upcoming FOS presentation. One way to do this is with a letter, email, or text announcing the presentation.  This correspondence can include a short explination about FOS, Date and Time of the presentation, how the unit benefits from the FOS camapign and a link to the Unit Online Giving Page. Here is a SAMPLE FAMILY LETTER for your use.

Here are some additional fliers which other troops have put together to educate and inform their familes about Friends of Scouting.


Maximize these fliers. Starts in January with the first email to all the families. This first email should be the iceberg or tree and shows the "True Cost of Scouting." Follow this up with a second email in February with the "Leader Training Benefits." It is great to personalize this with images of the leaders within your unit. The third email comes in early March (before the presentation) where you highlight the incentives and gifts of donations (not pictured above).  These 3 emails are completed prior to the troop presentation.  After the troop presentation the Unit FOS Coordinator tracks which families have made a contribution. Any families that have not contributed receive a phone call from the coordinator.  This is a great way to have 100% participation!!!

Remember it is not about the amount the families donate but that the donation is meaningful to the family.



will open as a PDF



Take full advantage of the online giving pages. This is a great way to promote your FOS Contributions to your families who may have missed the presentation, share with the extended families outside of the unit.  Do not be afraid to ask Aunts, Uncles, and Grandparents to contribute to your campaign.  Many want to support you youths scouting experience.

Setting up an online donation page is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  2. Submit the form to Kathy Nguyen at
    • Include 1-2 pictures of your scouts and/or events
    • You can use the generic paragraph or you can change it with something specific to your unit
    • Include other information regarding your unit and contact information
  3. Promote your page
    • Share the link to your webite in all fliers, newletters, group emails
    • Send reminders to your familes about your FOS goals and provide them with this link so they can donate from their home
    • Share the link on all forms of social media
      • Facebook, instagram, snapchat, twitter, redit
    • Create a quick button/link on your units website
    • Create a QR Code and include it on your Blue & Gold / Court of Honor / Recognition Programs

Do not underestimate the power of the QR Code.  While some consider QR Codes old school, if you put it on a Court of Honor Program, people will scan it just to see if it works.  It gets your families to your online page and more likely to make a donation.  There are several free QR Code Generators onlne for free. Save the image and add it you your fliers, programs and handouts.


"Aging Out" of Scouting

Troop 606 of Rancho San Joaquin shared a story with us regarding one of their scouts who had turned 18 and went away for college.  The troop treasurer called the family and asked what they wanted to do with the money left in the scouts account. The response was to donate it to the Troops FOS Campaign. This family donation was only $100.00 but was a meaningful contribution from the family.  Make the suggestion to the troop and families who are "aging out" of the troop that leaving their scouts account to the FOS Campaign is an option and a great way for the family to give back to scouting.


Year Round Campaign

The FOS Campaign is not just the beginning of the year and a one presentation event.  Families can donation more than once and throughout the year.  While the Orange County Council would like to have the majority of the campaign collect by June for budgetary reasons, that does not mean the campaign is over. Some troops have a 3 step process for their campaign. They do their initial presentation in February/March at their Court of Honor. They follow this up with online donations throughout the summer. They will "Close Out" their campaign at their October Court of Honor to get those last minute donations.



The Orange County Council has some additional resources which can be found HERE.