District Opportuninties


Rancho San Joaquin offers a variety of programs and service to the youth of Irvine. It takes a team of volunteers to offer these high quality programs. Rancho San Joaquin is always looking to build this Team and welcomes news ideas and new assistance.

If you are interested in helping the district, please contact the District Director, Shawn Gillespie at (714) 546-8558 extension 103 or e-mail shawn aat shawng@ocbsa.org.


Though the District operates from a team of volunteers, there are key positions which organize and lead these teams:


Current Volunteer Positions we are looking for:

DistrictChairmanLeads the District and oversees the plans, efforts and programs offered to the youth.
DistrictMembership ChairmanWorks with the Council and District to grow the youth of the District.  Plans and organizes new unit development and strengthen current units.  Build relationships with current and potential Chartered Partners.
DistrictFinance ChairmanResponsibile for the implementation and regulation of the finance policies. Maintain relationships with donors and contributors and oversight of the Friends of Scouting campaign.


Program ChairProvide leadership to the District’s efforts to support unit program with instruction and coaching on outdoor program, leader training advancement and supplemental District and Council wide activities.
DistrictTraining ChairmanEstablish and implement training programs to assure the every youth has a trained leader.  Oversight of the training committee, policies, program and proceedures.
DistrictActivities ChairProvide leadership to the members of the District activities and Civic Service Committee and recruit, train and motivate committee members who will develop and implement a plan for activities and civic service projects in the District
DistrictOutdoor Program ChairmanEncourages the "Outing" in Scouting through an active yearly outdoor program for every unit. Promotes the utilization of the Council Camps.
DistrictAdvancement ChairmanStimulate the Districts advancement and recognition for all levels of the Scouting movement; Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Varsity and Venturing.  Develop necessary sub-committees for all aspects of advancememt within the District. Assist the Units in ther advancement needs.
CampingCamping Co-ChairAssist the Camping Chair in the promotion of the Council Scout Camps. Aid in the monitoring of Units Outdoor Activities and work with the Unit Commissioners to promote and enhance the Scouting Outdoor Experience.
Social MediaSocial Media Co-ChairAssist the Social Media Chair in the updates, content and look to the Districts Facebook pages and Website.
TrainingTrainersJoin the Training Team to share knowledge and experiences with other leaders. Help to assure that EVERY SCOUT has a TRAINED LEADER
AdvancementAdvancement ChairAdvancement Chair Provide leadership to the Districts Advancement Team.  Including everything from Cub Scouts thru Eagle Scouts and Adult Recognition.
Advancement Assistant Advancement ChairAssist the Advancement Chair in the guidence of the Advancement Team
AdvancementDistrict Eagle CoachesAssist Eagle candidates in completing the requirements for Eagle, especially the paperwork and the Project and Chair the Eagle Board of Reviews. 
AdvancementDistrict Merit Badge Counselor CoordinatorReview all new requests of Merit Badge Counselors, keep accurate records on all merit badge counselors, publish once a year the District merit badge counselor list, and reregister each year those counselors that wish to continue.
AdvancementCub Scout Advancement AdvisorWork with the individual Cub Packs to increase their understanding of how to keep proper records and how to maximize the Cub’s advancement opportunities.  Also work with the adults on adult recognition.